Luxembourg by Night

My most recent documentary work is effectively a love letter to the capital city of Luxembourg,
but also to my home country as a whole. The main goal of my undertaking is to clearly establish a juxtaposition of on one hand: the eternal emptiness of a city during the night; and on the other, the clubs which simultaneously are filled with life and massive crowds of people.

The entire left side of the book is dedicated to the serene black and white impressions of the urban landscape that sharply contrast with the nervous and colourful night-life on the right. In fact, there is a second divergence between left and right that needs to be mentioned.

The black and white collection of photographs on the left stands for eternity. These key buildings that define the Luxembourg skyline can be revisited at any moment - and will be the same for every observer. This is not true for the night-life impressions on the right: every picture represents a grasp of a brief moment, a split of a second that would have been lost without my camera capturing it. In the instant of capture, the portrayed moment already belonged to the past. The right hand-side of the book stands for the ephemeral.

I endeavoured to showcase reality in its purest form, by shooting specific scenes at specific times of the night. The ongoing, predominant theme of my work is that both elements - the left and the right - are contrasting, yet complementary. The ensemble of both creates the city.

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