About Me

Born in 1994, I was raised in Luxembourg where I went to school.

At the age of 9 is deliberately took my dad’s camera and started taking photographs out of pleasure… and never gave it back. I was photographing the things I liked most, mostly people. I very quickly realized that the story-telling side of it was what suited me the best.

I ended up doing an arts degree at the Lycée Technique des Art et Métiers (LTAM) in Luxembourg City. There, I discovered a great number of different forms of art and practices I’d never seen before. It open up new perspectives and changed my view of many things. It made me realise that deep down I am an artist.

In 2011, I held my first publication in the Luxemburger Wort. It was only a half page print but I will never forget the excitement I felt seeing my photo in it.

In 2013, The Luxembourger Post had a contest opened to the public trying to find the best designs for the 70th commemoration of the 2nd Wold War. I was fortunate to win and my creation, alongside other great artists, was printed nationwide as a limited edition post stamp and post card.

I graduated in 2014 and applied for a BA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at University of the Art London (UAL) in London, UK. I moved there during the summer of that same year.

From 2015 to 2016 I was Art Director of the University’s photographic magazine ‘‘White_space’’. Working closely with editors and photographers, I enjoyed creating a substantial piece of work.

In January 2016, I held my first exhibition with ‘‘Faceless’’ at Downtown Lounge in Luxembourg City.

In Mai 2016, I got published in the ‘‘Sea Change Magazine’’ with a short documentary of London’s Youth and Nightlife. I was fortune to be given the cover shot.

A few projects follow that year until mid 2017.

After graduating, I slipped away for a while. I started travelling in.

There are few months, here a few weeks. It got me from the U.S, over Vietnam, Thailand, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka.

Always progressing in my work. I needed time to tweak my portfolio.

For the future, I hope for a few giggs in Europe, between Luxembourg, Berlin, and maybe Paris?

Time will show

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