About Me

Born in 1994, I was raised in Luxembourg where I went to school.

From very early on, I liked playing around with my dad’s camera and started taking photographs out of pleasure. I was photographing the things I liked most, mostly people. I very quickly realized that the story-telling side ofit was what suited me the best.

I ended up doing an arts degree at the Lycée Technique des Art et Métiers (LTAM) in Luxembourg City. There, I discovered a great number of different forms of art and practices I’d never seen before. It broaded my view and made me realise that deep down I am an artist.

In 2011, I held my first publication in the Luxemburger Wort. It was only a half page print but I will never forget the excitement I felt seeing my photo in it.

In 2013, The Luxembourger Post had a contest opened to the public trying to find the best designs for the 70th commemoration of the 2nd Wold War. I was fortunate to win and my creation, alongside other great artists, was printed nationwide as a limited edition post stamp and post card.

I graduated in 2014 and applied for a BAin Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the highly respected University of the Art London (UAL) in London, UK. I moved there during the summer of that same year.

From 2015 to 2016 I was Art Director of the University’s photographic magazine ‘‘White_space’’. Working closely with editors and photographers, I enjoyed creating a substancial piece of work.

In January 2016, I held my first exhibition with ‘‘Faceless’’ at Downtown Lounge in Luxembourg City.

In Mai 2016, I got published in the ‘‘Sea Change Magazine’’ with a short documentary of London’s Youth and Nightlife. I was fortune tobe given the cover shot.

September 2016, the opportunity to participate in a TV show called ‘‘Generation Art by RTL’’. The purpose ofit was to demonstrate my photographic skills in a new way.

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